The Betrayal and Other Stories
The Betrayal is a collection of six well-crafted short stories, portraying typical happenings in the contemporary African society, with exciting plot twists leading to unpredictable endings. The stories include 'The Letter', a short story about the tragedy of an incest which erupted into a domino of dire consequences, 'The Umbrella' - the story of a man driven by a desire for succes, who eventually loses out; and 'The Curfew', the comic story of a man who is drawn into a one-day fast that eventually lasted for three days owing to circumstances beyond his control. The stories highlight some shortfalls of the modern African society, for instance, the hypocrisy that exists in present day religion, while also teaching valuable moral lessons, such as the fact that things are not always the way they seem, and that having noble dreams won't suffice for success.
Author : Magnus Ekpiken
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 87

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