Surviving Singlehood
Lara and Amaka are two single sisters on opposite sides of the divide with one common enemy; they both hate their single lives! Femi on the other hand is a 28 year old single man in love with the idea of love. He grew up watching his mother and father love each other with an undying love and his earnest desire since he was a young boy has been to find and shower one lucky lady with all the love in his heart… only thing is, he can’t seem to find this lady in the whole wide Lagos! Lazarus is a guy who wants to die in singlehood and never be resurrected… literally. He gets his wish at the end but is this really what he wants? Surviving singlehood is a tale of four intertwined lives in this thing called ‘life before marriage’. Would they ever survive this season of their lives with their hearts and minds intact? Find out in this epic tale of... SURVIVING SINGLEHOOD!
Author : Hephzibah Frances
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FICTION / Christian / Romance
Number of Pages : 85

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