Almost everything in Shola's life seems to be falling apart. With a rain of emotions breaking him, Shola faces the temptation of returning to his past life of women and alcohol, yet no matter how sweet it was, he must also remember it's a past that almost cost him his life. But will Tobi's long kept secret be the final blow that pushes him over? Tobi is fed up with the deception that is her marriage after hiding her true sexuality for years. She has only wanted one thing in life: freedom. And she's so close to getting it. The itch to leave her husband for a woman appeals to her day by day. One thing is clear, she must also deal with the consequences of her actions when everything comes crumbling. This is one story of crumbling hearts and, a touch of hope.
Author : Tope Omotosho
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 244

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